Why Palau Is One of the Best Dive Spots In The World?

Palau is considered one of the best dive spots in the world for many reasons.  If you are like most, you like to dive in warm and clear water.  With a water temperature that averages 82-84 degrees Fahrenheit, the water is warm enough to wear no wetsuit at all, or,  a thin 1mm-3mm wetsuit.  With no major land mass anywhere close, the visibility is consistently fantastic!!  100’ of visibility is very common here.

A major draw to dive in Palau is to go diving with sharks!

Palau is famous for its sharks and if you go diving here you WILL see sharks.  Grey reef, white-tip, and black-tip sharks are the most common sharks you will see.Palau’s most famous dive site is “Blue Corner” where divers “hook-in” to the reef and watch as sharks glide through the current.

Scuba diving Palau can be done on a live aboard vessel or from a land -based operation.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages.  Divers who choose the less expensive land-based option usually will book a dive package that includes diving and resort accommodations.

The best resort on the island is Palau Pacific Resort. It has the best beach on the island, with snorkeling available right out in front. All land-based operators can pick you up at this beautiful resort.We hope this information has been helpful and informative, please check back often as we continue to share Palau to the SCUBA diving community.