Peleliu Wall in Palau, Wall diving “Not So” 101

Peleliu Wall is one of the most beautiful and deepest wall dives in all of Palau.
Home to deep canyons and crevices; Peleliu Wall is known for its large pelagic action and its steep walls are covered with large sea fans and beautiful corals.

• Minimum/ Maximum Depth: 30 to 90 feet from top of the coral reef to the plateau, the wall extends out to the open ocean.

• Suitable for: Experienced/Advanced Divers only (due to strong current) Southern reef of Peleliu Island.

• Time/Distance from PDA: 60-75 minutes to Peleliu Wall by speedboat.

The deep crevices and steep canyon walls offer shelter to the large pelagics gliding in on the strong currents from the open ocean. It is not completely uncommon to see pygmy orcas, bull sharks and hammerheads on occasion as they glide on past these outer reef dive sites of Palau. And on a normal day of diving at Peleliu Wall you can easily find large schools of tropical fish, sharks of all species and a beautiful array of corals

Peleliu Wall is Wall diving at is best

Peleliu Wall is a section of wall between two other great, advanced scuba dive sites in Palau. Peleliu Cut runs along the western side of Peleliu Island and extends to Peleliu Corner at the southern tip of the of the deepest reef structure in Palau.

The top of the reef is a plateau that gradually extends to 30 feet down to 90 feet near a dive site aptly named Peleliu Expressway In most conditions the current is flowing in a particular direction, and the entry point is typically right alongside the wall. Here divers follow the wall down to 80-90 feet, staying close to the wall on your left and keeping an eye on the current.If the conditions are just right and the current is mild enough hook in on the reef and enjoy the show.

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Drift dive galore at Peleliu Wall

On an ideal dive, divers make it all the way down to Peleliu Corner and over the reef to Peleliu Expressway where divers might find the elusive bull shark, tiger shark and orcas. Yellow soft corals, long strands of cable coral and bushes of black corals can be seen covering the wall as you glide past in the current.

Peleliu wall is a underwater photographer’s dream with all the large sea fans decorating the sheer cliff reef wall. Combine that with the variety of tropical reef fish, and then you have a u/w photographer’s delight.

The top of the plateau offers protection to a variety of tropical fish including Square and Purple Anthias, Moorish Idols, Yellowtail Fusiliers, Bumphead Parrotfish, Pyramid Butterflyfish, Palette Surgeonfish and Sergeant Majors. Other schools of Gray reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, barracudas, jacks are prolific in numbers and seen enjoying everything the currents bring in from the open ocean.

Come prepared when diving Peleliu Wall

Home to the strongest currents found in Palau, the reefs of Peleliu Island are considered advanced and difficult and unpredictable due to the currents converging around this outermost lying island of the archipelago. Divers must monitor their depth at all times and constantly check the currents. It is imperative to carry a surface marker buoy and stay close to your group, especially the dive guide. Bottom line: scuba diving Peleliu Wall is a must dive when you visit Palau!

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