Package Includes...

  • A 7-night stay at Palau Royal Resort
  • Daily buffet breakfast at the resort
  • Airport pickup and drop-off
  • 13 dives in beautiful Palau over 5 days, including 2 dives at Peleliu (weather permitting)
  • Snorkel at Jellyfish Lake
  • Daily pickup and drop-off from the doc at Palau Royal Resort
  • Japanese bento box lunches, snacks, tea and water on the boat
  • Vallet handling of your diving gear

* Starts from $2079 p.p. based on double o.c.
* Starts from $3000 based on single o.c.

What to Expect

Get ready for the most relaxing diving experience of your life. The moment your plane touches down, you are in paradise and we take care of everything. Take in the sights, stretch your legs, collect your bags, and our airport transfer will be waiting for you, ready to take you to your hotel.

After a good night’s rest and a delicious buffet breakfast, we’ll meet you in the morning at the dock in front of your resort. While you get tot know your new diving companions, we will load, unload and set up all your gear for you with the greatest care. If you’re planning on renting gear, we’ve also got you covered with top-of-the-line equipment.

Your diving schedule is delightfully flexible and fine-tuned to get maximum dive time and minimum waiting-around time, so you can spend as much time as possible exploring! And if you do want to take a break and sit around for a while, our boat menu offers 18 different bento-box lunches, seasonal fruit, and any other snackables.

The Most Unforgettable Trip of a Lifetime Is Right At Your Fingertips

(before someone else does)

Your Hotel

You will spend 7 nights in the beautiful Palau Royal Resort. Hotel amenities include…

  • Private beach and lagoon
  • Pool
  • Fitness center
  • Full-service spa
  • Fine dining, restaurant and bar
  • Room service
  • Gift shop
  • Tennis court
  • Tours & excursions
  • Limited wifi

Why PDA?

At PDA, we don’t just want to take you diving, we want to take you on an adventure. We want to
create memorable, intimate, hassle free diving experiences to remember.

Our boats are custom-designed to ensure you have a lot of space to relax, a generous amount of
dry space to store your belongings comfortably, and plenty of shade to shelter you from the
blistering tropical sun. We also provide a wide range of snacks and beverages throughout all
your diving trips.

Our team members are incredibly experienced, knowledgeable, charming and pretty darn fun.
From our diving guides who show you all the best spots, to the ‘backbone boys’ who set
everything up for you to have the best diving experience of your life, to our unbelievably
friendly and organised valet service crew.

Not to mention the world-class diving sights of beautiful Palau, which is quite easily one of the
most beautiful places you’ll ever see (although, we can’t take credit for that).

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“A True Delight”

“Everything from the beginning to the end of the vacation was a true delight… Grace, with PDA, helped schedule our other activities outside of PDA so that it made my planning for the entire vacation effortless. PDA handled not only all of our transport… but were available to drive us to and from town when we choose to go out to dinner!”
– nancymauntz

“Stay with the Best”

“When you have experienced the best, stay with the best. Palau Dive Adventures (PDA) is the best in organizing everything from reservation, airport pick up, diving, land tours, and you can’t help but feel like part of the family because they treated you like one. Personal service from start to finish!”
– Merlita808

“Handled Every Detail”

“PDA handled every detail for us including reservations with Palau Pacific Resort (which I highly recommend) transfers to/from airport, transfers for excursions to town, restaurant recommendations and reservations along with a cell phone to call them for anything we may need at no extra expense!”
– dianekim0429

Palau Royal Resort

Hotel amenities include…

✓ Private beach & lagoon

✓ Pool

✓ Fitness center

✓ Full-service spa

✓ Tennis courts

✓ Fine dining, restaurant & bar

✓ Room service

✓ Gift shop

✓ Tours & excursions

✓ Limited Wifi

Palau Central Hotel

Hotel amenities include…

✓ Beautifully Remodeled Rooms

✓ Free WIFI in Lobby

✓ Optional Buffet Breakfast $5 (Pre Booked Price)

✓ Central Location in Center of Town

✓ Comfy Beds

✓ Quiet and Cool A/C

Hip Cool Place to Stay

✓ Great Value For Price

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