"One of the Most Beautiful Places I've Seen

Anywhere on the Planet"

-Dr.Enriq Sala, Explorer-in-Residence

National Geographic

On top of world-class diving, Palau boasts a staggering variety of things to do, sites to see, and cuisine to indulge in. You won’t be bored for even a second. Want to relax at a full-service spa or soar above the Rock islands in a Cessna? No Problem. Our savvy, capable concierge will arrange everything for you (and get you the best rates, to boot!).

Fly High Above the Islands

An aerial tour of the Rock Islands is hands-down the most exhilarating way to see Palau’s astounding natural beauty all at once. An absolute must for photographers!

first dive morning
first dive morning

Hike Through the Jungle

Trek deep into the remote, exotic wilderness of Badeldaob. Cool off in the spray of postcard-worthy waterfalls, then have a picnic alongside the mysterious ruins of Badrulchau.

Immerse Yourself in History

Visit the Belau National Museum for a deep dive into Palau’s complex history of colonization, war, and independence. Gain a new perspective on the islands and the people who live here.

immerse yourself in history

Spoil Yourself at a Spa

Rejuventante your body after a long day of diving. Indulge in an authentic Balinese massage before bed and wake up rested, refreshed, and ready for another incredible dive.

Explore WWII Battle Sites

Wander through the relics of The Battle of Peleliu, one of the bloodiest battles of World War II. Learn about the historic carnage that took place as you examine the rusting remains of war.


Feast on Fusion Cuisine

Drawing upon Japanese, Malaysian, Indonesian and American influencers, Palauan cuisine is as delectable as it is unique. Delight your tastebuds with ocean-fresh seafood every single night!

Dance Late into the Night

Still got energy to burn after a day of diving? Head to the port of Malakal for drinks and merriment with friendly locals. Watch the sun set as you kick up dust at the cha-cha clubs.


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“A True Delight”

“Everything from the beginning to the end was a true delight. Grace, helped schedule our other activities so that it made my planning for the entire vacation effortless. PDA handled not only all of our transport but was available to drive us to and from town when we choose to go out to dinner!”

– nancymauntz


“Stay with the Best”

“When you have experienced the best, stay with the best. Palau Dive Adventures (PDA) is the best in organizing everything from reservation, airport pick up, diving, land tours, and you can’t help but feel like part of the family because they treated you like one. Personal service from start to finish!”

– Merilta808


“Handled Every Detail”

“PDA handled every detail for us including reservations with Palau Pacific Resort (which I recommended) transfers to/from airport, transfers for excursions to town, restaurant recommendations and reservations along with a cell phone to call them for anything we may need at no extra expense!”

– dianekim0429