Glitter and Glamour inside Chandelier Cave

What will see when scuba diving Chandelier Cave? Chandelier Cave is a system of five separate connecting caves. Four of the chambers are filled with water and are open for scuba divers to explore.

Over the years, the interior of the island was eroded by the water percolating through the limestone, and once the water level rose after the last ice age a cave system was born. Once filled with only air the caves are  now mostly filled with water and are fun to explore.

  • Minimum/ Maximum Depth: entrance is in 12 feet. Maximum depth is 36 feet.
  • Suitable for: anyone not claustrophobic or afraid of the dark
  • Location: Right around the corner from Palau Dive Adventures Shop
  • Time/ Distance from PDA: Right around the corner, less than 5 minutes
  • Glitter and Glamour inside Chandelier Cave

    Surface inside the chambers of Chandelier Cave and witness the glittering stalactites and stalagmite formations resembling glittering chandeliers. Scuba divers can also observe the layered effect of the salt and freshwater or sediment layers, called most commonly a halocline, as you enter deeper into the caverns.

    And if expansive exploration is what you seek you can go all the way back into the last cavern and surface inside the large chamber. Just don’t forget your torch. As a backup measure, as  long as the sun is still shining the entrance is still illuminated under water and your way back home can be seen from each chamber.

    Even at the mouth of Chandelier Cave you can find some worthy finds. Look closely and you may notice three depth charges still left over from WWII just left of the entrance.

    Or look closer and find the elusive and famous Mandarin Fish hiding near the entrance. Inside the cave, along the walls are small shrimp and crabs clinging to the sponges. Take your time and explore Chandelier Cave. It’s only 5 minutes from most dive operators and is typically done as the last dive of the day.

    Don’t forget your torch, and it’s advisable to put your hand up first to break the surface inside the chambers so you don’t get a stalactite to the face. Stay with your scuba dive guide and enjoy!

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