FAQ’s about diving in Palau

This is a quick guide to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question, you can always reach us at reservations@palaudiveadventures.com for a specific question we may not have covered or check our website FAQ’s.

How many divers do you take on the boat?

We take just one group with a maximum group size of 10 divers. All so we can focus all our attention on you and give you the best service and dive experience possible.

Your packages are set from Monday through Friday. Can you elaborate?

Sure, we are glad to. We typically begin our dive week with a new group (max 10 divers) on Mondays and dive every day for 5 days.

This way we are able to customize a dive plan for the entire group for the entire week, ensuring that you get to experience as many of the world famous Palau dive sites as possible, and you get to see what you came all the way to Palau to see.

We realize flights can be tricky getting into Palau, so, if want to do less than our 5 day dive package, just contact us and we will see if we can fit you in.

How much do you charge to go to Jellyfish lake?

There is a permit that each visitor has to buy and that permit is now USD$100, this covers Jellyfish lake and diving around the rock islands of Koror state. We will go to Jellyfish lake on one of the days we do two dives. Remember to bring some sandals, there is a short hike to the lake.

What is included in your weekly Palau dive packages?

We include 13 dives on the best dive sites of Palau for the entire 5 days. Lunch and snacks on all dive days, nitrox 32%, a trip to Peleliu (weather permitting), weight belts, and guides that go in the water with you.

We will also provide valet dive gear service, which means you don’t touch or set up your gear all week! Check out our Palau dive packages for more info.

We don’t leave till Sunday morning, what do we do all day Saturday?

Saturday is your free day. We have “stand up paddle boards” (SUPs) to rent. You can shop for souvenirs, go on a jungle river cruise. You will find many points of interest in Palau. Did you know the kayaking in Palau is awesome?

There is also a zip-line close to the Ngardmau Waterfall in Babeldaob and a bird sanctuary you can visit. Or just relax by the pool. Whatever you feel like doing we will help you. Read more to le

Do you support rebreathers?

Yes, however, we do not always stock the brand you want, so, you can ship supplies to us in Palau. We will pick it it up for you and clear it through customs, just add 3% for customs. Or we can order it for you.

How do I get to Palau?

When you are making tentative plans to travel to Palau or you want to book your flights to Palau you will be pleased to hear that ‘Palau is open for travel”.

You can fly directly into Palau from:

  • Guam
  • Australia
  • Taipei
  • Manilla

We have 6 airlines flying to Palau and 3 of them are charter flights.

  • United Airlines from Guam and Manila
  • China Airlines from Taipei
  • Air Niugini from Brisbane

Charter Flights

  • Sky Angkor Airline from Macau
  • Cambodia Airways from Macau
  • Jeju Air from Seoul

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Are there taxis at the airport?

Rarely. But you don’t need a taxi because you can book your roundtrip airport transfers with us. 

How much is rental diving gear?

We have top of the line Atomic regulators in Palau that are serviced annually in the USA. We have new TUSA BCDs and fins.

We have a package price of all your gear, BCD, Regs, Computer, Fins and Wetsuit for $50 per day. Or you can rent a BCD ($15), Regulators ($25), Computer ($10), Wetsuit ($10), Fins ($5) at the daily rate listed. We recommend you bring your own mask.

I am lost on flights, can you help me find a flight?

Yes! Call, Text, or Whatsapp our USA reservations +310 321 2558r  office direct via or when you prefer to send an email please do so via our contact form. 



What is internet service like in Palau?

The “FREE Wifi” available in the hotels can be spotty. When you need a reliable internet connection you can purchase a Palau Cel visitors sim. This gives you 10GB 4Gmobile data for 15 days but it does not include voice calls or SMS.

What voltage and plugs are used in Palau?

110 volts and same plugs as used in the U.S.A.

Is there a hospital and dive chamber in Palau?

Palau has one hospital, the Belau National Hospital (BNH) for outpatient and emergency cases.

For diving emergencies, there is an operational Hyperbaric Chamber which is also located at the BNH.

Belau National Hospital contact number is +680 488 2552/2553.  Palau also has three private medical clinics, one of which is open during evenings.

Can I come to Palau and take a dive course?

Yes, we can teach all P.A.D.I. courses.  Whether you are coming to Palau to learn to dive or want to further your training, Palau is a great place to learn!

How many dives do you do each day?

When you book one of our Palau dive packages you will typically do a total of at least 13 dives. That breaks down to 3 days, 3 dives and 2 days, two dives.

On the days we are diving twice we visit Jellyfish Lake or take a trip out to Peleliu (weather permitting). If we can’t make it to Peleliu, we will do a third dive that day.

Is lunch included in the dive packages?

Yes, we provide lunch bento boxes on each dive day on the schedule, as well as fresh fruits (when available on the islands). If you have allergies, vegan or would like a gluten-free lunch please let us know, we can make that happen!

When do you recommend we arrive and depart in Palau?

Our dive week typically starts every Monday. We recommend you arrive on Sunday evening or sooner. Don’t forget you need a 24 surface interval before your flight home, so leave no sooner than 4 PM on Saturday. The last dive on Friday should be done by 4 PM.

Do you have a local dive guides?

Yes, our lead guide Jason Maluchluw, has worked in Palau for many years as a dive guide and has over 6,000 dives in Palau. He is definitely one of the top guides in Palau. Our boat captain is local as well.

Get to know our crew

How does tipping work on the boat?

Tips are not mandatory but greatly appreciated by the team, especially those who you never see, the tank fillers and gear haulers.


Tips can range from $5 to $10 per dive or $60 to $130 for the week. You can give it to the lead guide and he will distribute it to all.


When a staff member has gone beyond your service expectations, you could also just give it to them.

When is the best time to dive Palau?

In There is no real “best time to dive Palau. Diving in Palau is good year-round although many people will avoid June, July and August.

July and August we get more rain and monsoons. September to June is normally great.


Do you offer private charters?

Yes, private charters are great for families, film crews, and honeymooners. Just contact us for availability and with any specific questions, you might have.

Will my cell phone service provider work in Palau?

No, whatever service provider you have, in Palau it will not work, unless you connect to WIFI and enable “Wifi Calling” on your phone.

If you would like to have a local number while in Palau we can purchase a SIM card on your behalf. Only will work on an unlocked phone.

How do I get from the airport to my hotel when I arrive and depart?

If you book with us, our 5-day Palau dive packages include airport transfers. Otherwise, pre-arrange this, there are no taxis at the airport.

How long does it take to get from the airport to my hotel?

It takes about 30 minutes to get to your hotel from the airport.

How much is the departure tax in Palau?

Right now there is a “green fee” and “departure tax” of $50, paid at the airport in either cash or credit card when you depart.

What currency is used in Palau?

Palau uses the U.S. dollar. Credit card and debit cards are accepted. Many establishments in Palau assess a 3%-4% credit card fee. There are ATM machines as well. Checks and traveller checks are not widely accepted in Palau

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