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No need for accomodations?

Palau & Yap

(2 Weeks)

Dive & explore TWO of Micronesia’s most spectacular islands.

Starting from pp/do $4471.00

14 nights (7 at 5-star Palau Pacific Resort (in Palau), 7 at top-rated Manta Ray Resort (in Yap)

13 dives in Palau + 10 dives in Yap
Buffet breakfast daily
Boxed lunch on the boat
Snacks, tea, and water on the boat
Daily pickup & dropoff
Valet handling of your dive-gear

Customer Favorite


(1 Week)

Enjoy a sumptuous, 5-star resort experience with all the trimmings.

Starting from pp/do $2684.00

7 nights at Palau Pacific Resort
(Palau’s only 5-star luxury resort)

13 dives over 5 days Incl. 2 dives at Pelelliu (weather permitting)
Buffet breakfast daily
Boxed lunch on the boat
Snack, tea, and water on the boat
Daily pick & dropoff
Valet handling of your dive gear


(1 Week)

Get a comfy, spacious rooom, great views, on the water with restaurants and bars within walking distance.

Starting from pp/do $1967.00

7 nights at Palau Royal Resort
or 7 nights at Palau Central Hotel

13 dives over 5 days Incl. 2 dives at Peleliu (weather permitting)
Snorkel at Jellyfish Lake
Buffet breakfast daily
Boxed lunch on the boat
Snacks, tea, and water on the boat
Daily pickup & dropoff
Valet handling of your dive gear


(1 Week)

Stay at the newly remodeled Palau Hotel in the center of town close to restaurants and bars. We will pick you up each morning with our van.

Starting from pp/do $1634.00

7 nights at Palau Hotel

13 dives over 5 days Incl. 2 dives at Peleliu (weather permitting)
Snorkel at Jellyfish Lake
No breakfast
Boxed lunch on the boat
Snacks, tea, and water on the boat
Daily pickup & dropoff
Valet handling of your dive gear

Questions? Call us at our U.S.A office (310) 321-2558. We’ll be happy to answer them in detail!

Palau Dive Adventures
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15:25 10 Dec 23
Unforgettable. Absolutely phenomenal – could not have asked for one single thing to be any better. Palau Dive Adventures takes such attentive care of everything from start to finish – it was truly a liveaboard experience on land. To highlight, my favorite part was the valet dive gear service where the crew takes care of your gear every afternoon and returns it to the boat (already set up, of course) each morning.From start to finish-Grace was extremely responsive while booking this trip- my first dive travel / dive trip ever. I reached out to several different companies, not really knowing what to expect or what to ask, and felt immediately drawn to PDA because of Grace’s responsiveness and care. After arriving in Palau, Jan was there to pick me up from the airport, and he was there each morning at 0730 at my hotel (which was also wonderful) – Palau Hotel. We dove three times a day at the most incredible spots. The crew had an interesting mix of divers – experienced divers with 100+ dives, two divers over 70 years old, overly chatty happy divers, more introverted divers, and me with only 20 dives. The crew did an amazing job balancing all of this and still providing all of the best dive locations in the best dive conditions possible. The crew took great care of my dive gear each afternoon, and helped me plan activities during my off-time. One of the co-owners, Jason, owns a car rental business as well and I was able to rent a car from him. Of course- that was seamless as well. The car was dropped off to and picked up from me on my “land day” before flying. There was fresh fruit and hot beverages provided after the first dive, a phenomenal lunch from King Palace after the second dive (the best option is #11 – DUMPLINGS!!!!), and more hot beverages and a fresh-water rinse provided after the last dive. Ice-cold water was provided daily, along with jackets and fresh towels. The crew also made special stops at the Milky Way, Peleliu, and Jellyfish Lake for us. We even celebrated a diver’s 100th dive, the traditional way!Truly, this was an experience of a lifetime and I am so grateful to Palau Dive Adventures.I can’t thank the crew- Grace, Jan, Allen, Chris, Miyles (Reeellaaaaxxx), Jason, and Jayven- enough. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU !What we saw: whitetip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, turtles, manta rays, octopus, crocodile fish, frog fish, marble ray, dolphins, eagle ray, jellyfish, nudis, flatworms, and so so much more !Favorite spots in order: Ulong channel, Peleliu, Blue Corner, and German Channel
Ash CalabroAsh Calabro
02:03 08 Dec 23
If I could give 10 stars these guys would definitely get 11! Best dive company I've ever dived with. The guys were so accommodating helping out every step of the way as soon as you walk out of the airport. I was there for 10 days and every day with PDA was unforgettable. Not just the diving but the crew also. They made everything so easy and really enjoyable. Plenty of laughs along the way (even underwater) 😂 can't thank you guys enough! Will definitely be back! 🙏
Brent MastersBrent Masters
00:28 05 Dec 23
Best diving experience i have had in 25 years since diving the Red Sea. Jason’s crew look after you from pick up to drop off and everything in between . Faultless.
Emma CadmanEmma Cadman
04:04 29 Nov 23
Had a great time with everyone on the boat. Lots of fun and not too many people. They really took care of us and our every need. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Gary MitchellGary Mitchell
20:27 28 Nov 23
We had the most wonderful weeks diving with Palau Dive Adventures. Obviously diving in Palau's 28 degree water and abundance of stunning reefs & coral gardens makes the diving spectacular, but what goes on between the diving takes it to the next level. The attention to detail that Jason, Myles, Chris and the team provided was exceptional. Customer service is at the forefront of their business and an amazing diving experience is guaranteed as a result.
Samantha MedenbachSamantha Medenbach
23:33 25 Nov 23
Just finished a trip with Palau Dive Adventures and I honestly think it was one of the best experiences I have ever had with a dive company. Everyone was very professional, helpful, and friendly. Grace was fantastic to work with when booking our trip and hotel. Pick up and drop off from the airport was so easy. All the guys on the boat were great, so funny and willing to go the extra mile to make our experience the best it could be. They had towels, rain jackets, and rinse water on the boat. Food and snacks were great. Valet service for your gear was awesome. I can’t wait to come back and dive with PDA again!
Julie PichoraJulie Pichora
07:52 11 Oct 23
Everything exceeded my expectations from start to finish. Grace, in reservations, was fantastic to work with and explain everything within the 10 months leading up to my arrival. Jason met me at the airport and got me to the hotel. He was my personal concierge for the week and made sure that I had restaurant recommendations for my personal tastes, helped me to find activities to do during my downtime from diving, and made sure my dive gear was well taken care of. Each day that I arrived to dive my gear was set up and one of the staff was available to help me get it on and make sure I didn't strain myself when getting up. The dives were fantastic and the guides, Chris and Myles, know and understand the water. They were able to make changes to the itinerary so we had the best dive possible based on weather, currents, and conditions. The daily lunch has to be the best food provided on a dive charter I have ever had. I would 100% stay and dive with Palau Dive adventures in the future. What you will get in the experience from start to finish far out weighs what you will pay.
Christopher GohChristopher Goh
07:40 08 Aug 23
I had done 8 days of diving with Palau Dive Adventures. These guys run a fantastic system, from the booking to my departure from Palau.Several times during my trip, the crew would regularly check in to see if everything is well. The lunch bento (with 14 selections) is fantastic and the boat is very comfortable with a dedicated space made for each diver (boats from other companies just too cramped). When not diving, PDA also offers to shuttle me around the different places for dinner. These guys really made sure that you have a good time in Palau.To the best part: Diving!I dove with Christian (SI) and Myles (DM) from PDA along with other guests. While the weather was wrecking havoc on certain days, they were flexible to bring us to other dive sites which they deem best in the current situation. They also made sure that everyone was comfortable on the boat. When the weather finally settled down, we went to dive Blue Corner and wow, it was just spectacular! Sharks, barracudas, jacks, huge wrasses when we were hooked in to the current. Besides the big stuff, there were also wrecks and caves (recreational) to dive. Corals and walls there were beautiful too.Overall, I had a great time! Will definitely look to this company when I go back to Palau to dive again! See you guys again! 🙂
Sarah JunSarah Jun
22:18 15 Apr 23
WOW - where do I even start? This trip was a girls trip that was planned 6 months in advanced. From the planning phase, Grace from PDA was extremely courteous, patient, timely in answering all questions and handling all reservations to include lodging and transportation. She kept in touch as the vacation got closer and sent us reminder emails. When arriving, everything was absolutely flawless and taken care of. Jamie was our concierge and driver - he was so friendly and welcoming. We stayed at the cove resort and they came to pick us up in the dive boat at the marina right behind our hotel making it super convenient. Jamie gave me a scuba duffel the first night to put all my stuff in and after that first day, I never had to lay a finger on my gear for the rest of the trip. My gear was cleaned and dried each night and set up for me on the boat each day. My friend rented all her gear and the rental gear was great quality and she had no issues. The first day they had multiple options around her size and she was able to pick the best fit for her.The boat crew and our guide/dive master was FANTASTIC!! Chris was our dive guide and he did an amazing job catering to the needs of each diver (3 of us total) and ensuring we had the best possible experience. He made sure he briefed us before each dive answering all our questions and laying out expectations of the dive so we knew exactly what we were getting into. Obviously Palau is going to have a lot of tourists and other divers and he did his best to ensure we still had a enjoyable experience while catering around other divers. Before one particular dive where we were going to have to hook in, there was another company of divers with tourists that got in the water before us. He included in his dive brief to us to make sure we do not hook in the reef in front of that group to not block their view and ruin their experience. The fact that he was considerate of other companies and their experience is a testament to the morals, professionalism and respect for the community/diving that Chris and PDA have.Jayven, Myles, Arson were the other boat crew and each of them were always professional, respectful and extremely patient/helpful in between each dive grabbing our gear for us and setting stuff up. The snacks and lunch on each day were delicious. They had plenty of towels, rain jackets, hot tea/coffee for us in case we were cold. More importantly the crew was SO FUNNY! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much underwater while diving than on this trip with this crew.Overall PDA was an incredible company and I will definitely be returning to Palau and booking with them again. If you’re wanting a stress free, extremely professional and fun trip - book with PDA!!
10:07 04 Jul 20
For us it was the most special dive place to be. We saw lots of amazing marine life, including mantas. Very special to have been diving with so much current and being “hooked in” to the reef. We also completed our nitrox course here, since the sites (and underwater caves) are relatively deep here.
14:30 26 May 20
This outfit is THE BEST! Excellent pre-trip and on-trip experience. The dive masters are safe, knowledgeable and fun. I have been to Palau 3 times and have used them every time. No need to look around,. To quote a famous author, "I'm always satisfied with the best.". Use them, you won't be sorry.
Dona CrowderDona Crowder
02:32 26 May 20
Our small group chartered with Palau Dive Adventures and had a wonderful time remembering our past dives in this magical wonderland. Everyone was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Just the right guides for us! Thank you everyone at Palau Dive Adventures.
Sol OrwellSol Orwell
22:18 21 May 20
We aren't the most experienced divers, and since we are diving at max a year after our previous time, we're always a bit nervous.These guys took amazing care of us. Talk about VIP - never been so comfortable, and if we come back to Palau, 100% we are going with them again!
Scott RighterScott Righter
19:00 05 May 20
The best way to dive Palau is with Palau dive adventures. They arrange everything you need including picking you up at the airport. I can't say enough good about this company. You will be extremely happy if you book with them.

“We Wouldn’t Ever Dive With Any Other Company”

“From talking to other guests at our hotel who were diving with other companies, [we could tell] they were just a number. We had a personalized diving experience all week, and we wouldn’t ever dive with any other company. If PDA was booked for the week we wanted to dive, we would reschedule our trip and wait to dive with PDA. It’s worth it.”

– AmyLynnl2