Is diving in Palau on your bucket list too?

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Why this Palau travel guide?

This Palau travel guide reveals valuable insights to those who are planning a scuba trip of a lifetime to Palau. Find travel tips, accommodation suggestions, and much more valuable info that will help you plan your trip to amazing Palau.

How to get to Palau?

We explain how to get to Palau in the most efficient and easiest manner from all parts of the globe.

When should you dive Palau?

The bottom line is there is no real Palau diving season. Diving in Palau is good year-round although many people will avoid June, July, and August.

How to save $$ on a trip to Palau

When you follow the valuable and easy tips you in this Palau travel guide, you will certainly save money on your dive trip to paradise.

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Having worked in the hospitality industry, marine rescue, fire service, and as a dive guide in Palau. Chris and Jason began Palau Dive Adventures in 2011 with the goal of bringing top-level service to divers visiting Palau.

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“I’ve dived in many places throughout the world. I think Palau is now my new favorite dive destination… so much biodiversity it was hard to figure out where to point my camera! I hope to return and dive with them again soon!”

Dr. Bill Bushing

Marine Biologist

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