palau dive adventures crew

“They get to know you, you get to know them”
“(With PDA I, you’re with the same people on the same boat all week. And you’re also with the same divemasters. They get to know you, you get to know them, and they know how to get the most of the dives. We had ten people on our boat… most companies would only send 2 divemasters for that number of people. We always had 3, plus the captain.

… It’s wonderful, and also makes you feel safe.”

– AmmyLynn12

Meet The Dive Crew

(Known for being insanely knowledgable, incredibly helpful, and pretty darn fun and hilarious.)

Jason Maluchluw Team Captain / Lead Guide

PADI Assistant Instructor Completed 7000+ Dives in Palau

Favorite Dive in Palau: Blue Corner

Hobbies Include: “Drinking chocolate shakes from Bem Ermii”

Christian Funa Dive master in Palau

Christian Funa Dive Guide

PADI Divemaster

Completed thousands of Dives in Palau and Philippines

Favorite Dive in Palau: Blue Corner

Hobbies Include: “Jogging and time with family”

Jaime Napil Captain of the Backbone Boys

Special Quality: Can do attitude!

Hobbies Include: “Diving and spending time with family!”

Arson Yamaguchi Boat Captain

Arson Yamaguchi Boat Captain

Grew up in Palau

Special Talent: Knowing exactly where to put the boat to pick up the group after a drift dive.

Hobbies Include: “Family time, whenever possible”

“A Pleasure to spend time with!”
“This team is both super-professional with an emphasis on your safety and enjoyment, and a pleasure to spend time with. The onboard crew of Jason, Nick,Alain and Dustin were superb-knowledgeable, helpful and dedicated to delivering an incredible, hassle-free ree diving experience.”

– AmmyLynn12

Meet The Valet Service Crew

(Known for being wonderfully warm & friendly, Unbelievably organized, and anticipating customer needs with ESP-like accuracy)

Cheryl Fagolur Concierge / Airport Pick-Up

Ground Logistics Manager

Arguably the friendliest person you’ll ever met in your life

Hobbies Include: “Work!”

Chris Lubba

Chief Amazement Officer

Favorite Dive: Ulong Channel

Hobbies Include: “Travelling and swimming”

Mary Grace Napil Organizational Wizard: Diving, Hotels, Flights

Mary Grace Napil Reservations (and Organizational Wizard)

Hobbies Include: “Exploring blue corner and observing sharks”
Mary Ann Napil Palau Dive Shop Manager

Mary Ann Napil Dive Shop Manager

Hobbies Include: “Raising 3 boys… and working!”

And of course… “the Backbone Boys”(a.ka. the magic men who get everything set up and ready to go while you sleep)

“As seamless an experience as humanly possible!”
“Although Palau has to be some of the best diving I have done._ the team at ODA make certain beyond diving the experience is as seamless as humanly possible. From Cheryl kindly fetching everyone to and from the airport at all sorts of random hours, and keeping the backend organized, to Alain being a wonderful instructor, to Jason, Nick and Joe being great dive guides to Dustin maning the boat’s helm -all highly recommended.
…Stop reading this and just go book!”
– GroovyGourlie

Our (Amazingly Comfortable) Boats

Custom-designed to ensure you have lots of space to relax, a generous amount of dry storage space, and plenty of shade
to shelter you from the hot tropical sun.

“It was very obvious we had the best [boat]!”
“When comparing all the other dive boats from other operators, PDA had the most comfortable seating and the least number of divers on the boat It was very obvious we had the best of the best with regard to most comfortable diving boat.”
– 1_4_Travelling_man

Searching for a Small, Intimate Group to Dive
with in Palau? Congrats, You Found It!