Peleliu Cut in Palau Where Some Divers Get Lucky

Experience the ride of a lifetime when scuba diving Peleliu Cut as you cruise past gorgonians and gargantuan schools of fish being chased by the occasional pelagic coming in from the depths.

  • Minimum/ Maximum Depth: 30 to 90 feet from the top of the reef to the plateau, wall extends out to the open ocean
  • Suitable for: Experienced/Advanced Divers only (due to strong current)
  • Location: Southern reef of Peleliu Island
  • Time/Distance from PDA: 60-75 minutes by speedboat

Following the current from Peleliu Wall down to Peleliu Cut, typically sightings of sharks drifting along in the currents don’t disappoint. This section of the deepest reef structure in all of Palau is known for its fast drift dives and strong currents and is advisable for the advanced diver only.

Peleliu Cut is part of Peleliu Wall

Scuba diving Peleliu Cut proves to be a spectacular reef dive with many hidden crevices and caves to explore, assuming you’re not merely cruising by in the currents. Combine the magic of the reef with the option to hook in on the top of the plateau and in just the right conditions watch a very unforgettable and lively show. The magnificent wall is dressed in forests of soft corals, colorful sea fans, sea whips, anemones and hard corals alike. Playing amongst the corals are the ever plenty abundance of reef fish.

The reef edge and the plateau both host lots of tropical fish. Here divers can find:

  • Square Anthias
  • Moorish Idols
  • Pyramid Butterfly Fish
  • Sergeant Majors
  • Yellowtail Fusiliers
  • Palette Surgeonfish
  • Triggerfish
  • Leafy Scorpion Fish
  • Purple Anthias and Bumphead Parrotfish…merely to name a few

Common larger pelagics and schools of fish like Grey Reef Sharks, White Tip Sharks, barracudas, and jacks are ever-present and prolific on the Peleliu Cut as well.

Some divers Get Lucky at Peleliu Cut

Add to the mix, the rare, but not unheard of occasion of Hammerheads, Bull Sharks, Orcas and Whales and you have the potential for a once-in-a-lifetime dive at Peleliu Cut. Peleliu Cut and Peleliu Expressway merge to create another fast-moving dive site called Peleliu Corner. Closer to Peleliu Corner the plateau gets deeper and deeper towards the south so watch your depth.

If you’re lucky, the current will carry you over the plateau where you can pause awhile and hook in on top of the reef at 45 feet depth then cruise on over to be picked up at Peleliu Expressway: another fast-moving site. The Philippine Sea and Pacific Ocean currents converge at Peleliu Corner just south of the site, making up some of the strongest currents in all of Palau. The southern tip of Peleliu is especially known for its unpredictable and strong currents.

Peleliu dive sites, especially Peleliu Cut and Peleliu Expressway are considered advanced drift dives and are not for the faint of heart. Stay with the guide and group at all times and carry your safety sausage.
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