Why Diving Blue Holes Should Be on Your Bucket list?

Blue Holes in Palau is a huge cavern, offering the perfect backdrop of ambient light, bright blue water and silhouette effects for the ideal zoomed out photo perspective. For those divers who wish to return home from Palau with that ONE epic photo of themselves enjoying the splendor of the ocean, then look no further then Blue Holes.

•  Minimum/ Maximum Depth: Four (Blue ) holes, entrance on top of the reef- shallowest opens at 3 feet, and the floor of the cavern is at approximately 120 feet (40 meters)
• Blue Holes Palau  is Suitable for: Novice to Intermediate Divers, comfortable with overhead environments
• Location to Blue Holes Palau : 30 miles (48 kilometers) Northwest of Koror
• Time/Distance from PDA: 50-70 minutes via speedboat

Cavern Diving the Blue Holes in Palau

Divers can take turns snapping the perfect shot of their dive buddies dropping in from above into the amphitheater-sized cavern covered in whip corals and schools of fish.
Investigating the huge cavern can take up nearly the entire dive time, but careful preparation can lead to the most epic dive known in Palau; entering into Blue Holes and ending up at Blue Corner.

This itinerary, if done at the right time and with the right currents, is often deemed as the most memorable Palau scuba dive experience. First, you enter the entrance at the top of the cavern, descend to nearly 120 feet and look around amongst the cracks and crevices.

The Blue Holes of Palau are picture perfect

Snap a few beautiful-blue backdrop pictures, and then exit out of the side window or the lower exit. Immediately you are amongst sharks playing in the currents and amidst even more canyons and crevices on your way down to Blue Corner. All along the wall, the marine life is teeming with schools of various kinds of fish.

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After being wowed with the backdrop spectacle of the cavern, the Blue Holes’ exit promises a few more cracks to explore with the guidance of your experienced dive guide. Meander amongst the brain corals, the small outlying caverns and the sheer reef walls on down to Blue Corner and then be wowed by the teeming action along the wall.

If the currents are just right the drift along the wall promises schools of sharks (of all species), anthias, and schools of barracudas and tuna in the midst of the ocean blue. Constant aberration of the senses overexcites the diver as they look around the cavern walls and explore the nudibranchs not normally noticed in other parts of Palau. Enhanced by the amazing spectacle while looking up towards the sky and the realization of where they came from exudes the diver with delight.

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It can’t be highlighted enough how spectacular one dive can be in Palau than to pair the entrance into Blue Holes and the exit upon Blue Corner; stopping to hook-in and cap off the dive with observations of the bristling shark activity at Blue Corner and beyond. Beginning the dive plunging down into Blue Holes is typically surreal for most divers and has divers surfacing, praising their experience and describing it as something out of a movie.

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