Watch Why Palau is the Best Places to SCUBA Dive in the World!

Palau is home to some of the best scuba diving in the world. Here are our top 5 reasons to dive Palau. No surveys, no ads, just our honest opinion from our experience with thousands of dives in Palau.

5 Reasons to dive Palau

#1 Sharks

It is almost impossible to dive in Palau and not see a shark on almost every dive. March is one of the best months to come visit Palau in hopes of catching the sharks mating.
In Palau, we do not need to attract sharks by hosting a “shark feed”, they will do this naturally and sometimes if we are lucky we get to see it first hand!

#2 Manta Rays

Diving with Manta Rays is an awe-inspiring experience. From the way they glide in the water to their rhythmic dances as they feed. All divers will remember their dives with Manta Rays. In Palau we have a couple sites that we can regularly see manta rays, and on each of our week-long dive trips we will do at least one, if not two dives, in an attempt to catch them at German Channel as they feed and get cleaned.

#3 Drift Dives

From gentle drifts to ripping currents, Palau is world renowned for its drift dives. Our lead, local Palauan dive guide Jason, can read the drifts to determine which site is safe and the best route to take on the dive.

We have also added the Nautilus Lifeline (submersible VHF radio and GPS locator) to the standard equipment our guides carry, just in case we need to hail our boat. Conditions can change rapidly and diver safety is of utmost concern to us. One of the best drift-dives in Palau is Ulong Channel. See our blog post on Ulong Channel for all the juicy details on why this is such a great dive.

#5 Wreck and WW II History

Palau has some great wrecks to dive. Definitely if all you want to dive are wrecks, then Truk would be the better choice, but nonetheless there are some wrecks that are really worth diving in Palau.

Helmet wreck in Palau is one of our favorites. It is relatively shallow with tons of great WW II artifacts still on it. If you are a history buff, then Palau will not disappoint either. With major WW II battles fought here and war remnants all around. It is sure to whet the appetite of history buffs.

#4 Wall Dives

The wall diving in Palau may be the best in the world. The walls here are covered in corals, colorful reef fish, sharks cruising by in the blue, all in crystal clear warm water! You diving with your friends in our small groups, priceless!

Hope you have enjoyed our top 5 reasons to dive and visit Palau. If you have any comments or suggestions we love to hear from you in the comments below.

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