Jason’s First Trip to the US

All first trips and vacations are exciting.   It helps broaden your horizons and open your mind to new cultures and lifestyles.  The United States of America as a nation of immigrants is one of these memorable firsts, that everybody will remember.

Jason’s first trip to the USA will be for the Long Beach Dive Show May 2012. To get Jason to the show, he will take 3 total flights, Palau-Guam, Guam-Honolulu, Honolulu-Los Angeles, the total flight time will be 15 hours.

Jason’s first trip to the United States will be a short one but, will be packed with many memorable “firsts.”  From driving the 405 freeway,  going to Hollywood and Catalina Island, Diving in a 7mm wetsuit,  and maybe visiting Disneyland, there will be many memories Jason will go home to Palau and share with his family and friends.

Jason has been guiding dives in Palau for many years and has recorded thousands of dives in Palau.  He has worked for years at both Sam’s Tour and the  Palau Aggressor, and now has his own company Palau Dive Adventures.  Jason’s goal with Palau Dive Adventures is to offer top-level service on a day boat. To accomplish this he has decided to keep the number of divers on any trip capped at 8 guests. Palau Dive Adventures has partnered with Palau Pacific Resort and Palau Royal Resort to offer the most inclusive  reasonably priced SCUBA diving trips to Palau, that anybody offers.

If you are in the Long Beach area on May 5th. Or May 6th 2012. Please stop by the Palau Dive Adventures booth and say hello to Jason, and see what special promotion we have for this show.