5 Dive Sites in Palau You Should Dive Before You Die

Wondering what we think are 5 of the best dive sites in palau? Scroll dowm, sit back and read enjoy the show.

Found in the western Pacific Ocean, Palau is one of the most beautiful island destinations on the planet and also one that is renowned for its incredibly diverse dive sites. Divers of all experience levels can enjoy a variety of experiences beneath the surface of the waves, from wreck dives to reef dives and drift dives, so if you are looking for a new place to explore, consider Palau for your next diving trip.

Below are just 5 of the Best Dive Sites in Palau.

#1. Blue Corner

Blue Corner is the most highly requested dive site in Palau and one of the most well-known dive sites on the planet. The unpredictable currents throughout the site are quite strong, though, so this site is best reserved for advanced divers only. Look for gorgonian fans, soft corals, anemones, and eels along the wall at the beginning of your dive.

Once you reach 11 to 18 meters in depth, you will immediately notice that the currents become even stronger and, even though you may have seen a shark cruising by a few minutes ago, you will see even more of them now. If you manage to use your reef hook, you can then begin steadying yourself and floating as more sharks, including gray reef sharks and white tip sharks, begin swimming quite close to you.

#2. German Channel

German miners created this channel during the early part of the 20th century. Since then, coral formations have made the channel quite narrow, to the point that even liveaboards have trouble making their way to the area at times.

German Channel Wall is where all the great diving happens, where a sandy bottom greets you at 17 meters deep before sloping into even greater depths. The best part of the dive, in addition to the colorful coral, is the large number of manta rays and the gray reef sharks that can often be seen here.

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#3. Ulong Channel

Considered one of the best drift dive sites on the planet, Ulong Channel’s entrance is filled with beautiful corals and, during the incoming tide, sharks take advantage of the feast they can enjoy from the many fish that end up in the channel with the tide. And then, upon exiting the channel, you will see even more gray reef sharks waiting for an easy meal from the fish that made it through the channel.

The currents at Ulong Channel can be unpredictable and strong and it’s not uncommon to experience abrupt changing currents midway through a dive. Stick close to your guide, you may have to turn around. The best time to dive Ulong Channel is on an incoming tide when the current is strongest and the most clear, visibility up to 95 feet.

Drop down into Ulong Channel to 60 feet and drift for about 10 minutes before hitting the mouth of the channel. It is here at the mouth of the channel where the stingrays, Gray reef sharks, schools of snappers and jacks and the elegant batfish can be seen gliding past.

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#4. Peleliu Wall

Peleliu Wall is one of the most beautiful and deepest wall dives in all of Palau. Home to deep canyons and crevices; Peleliu Wall is known for its large pelagic action and its steep walls are covered with large sea fans and beautiful corals.

At Peleliu Wall, you can experience a wilder dive because this site is found off the island of Peleliu, which is one of the islands located the furthest distance from Palau. This is also one of the deepest dive sites in Palau too, featuring canyons, caves, and crevices that shelter myriad marine species. A dive crew will be able to get you to this site, which is the perfect place to experience large “blue water” species, such as pygmy killer whales, silvertip sharks, and other large fish.

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#5. New Drop Off

Two separate reef walls come together at New Drop Off, so you will be able to explore the many corals and fish that swim throughout this incredible corner under the sea. Whitetip sharks and gray reef sharks can be seen here, as well as eels, turtles, and schools of fish that include wrasses, snappers, angelfish, and others. Divers who are inexperienced can get away with exploring this site when there is no current, but if the currents are strong, this site is best for only experienced divers who are confident enough to stay safe.

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